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    I M Card

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    A new way to tell the world who I am.  I M Card is a digital business card.  It is a Mini – Website, a URL link at the ImbibeMe website, a webpage customised specially for you.  Think of it as your own website that gathers all business information, including your client feedback.  Now get in touch with your clients in a smart way.  Ready in 5 business days.

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  • IM CARE Email Package

    IM CARE Email Package Starter


    This package includes 10 emails for your patients.  This product is the one of its kind to help you grow your hospital business through the digital marketing strategies.  Book an IMCare Email Package and grow your hospital brand.  Read the product description below to know more. Order a Free Designer  IMCARE Email Sample to know how you would get it when you order the package.

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