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Shoulder Dystocia - Practice Questions - SBAs and EMQs - MRCOG Part 2 Pattern

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Article last updated on 28/02/2021.

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SBA s (Single Best Answer Type Questions)

Welcome to Shoulder Dystocia - SBA  Quiz.  All the best!

1. E-Mail address
2. What is the recurrence rate of shoulder dystocia?
3. Rebecca is a multiparous lady in her third pregnancy. She has been low risk throughout pregnancy. The estimated foetal weight is 2.8 . She has planned home delivery with her midwife. At 39 + 6 weeks, she has had spontaneous onset of Labour. Rebecca has progressed well. She delivered the baby head but at the delivery of the foetal head her midwife notices difficulty with delivery of the face. The midwife also noticed chin and head retracting. The midwife has positioned Rebecca's thigh on her abdomen and tried axial traction. It wasn’t successful. What is the next best manoeuvre that the midwife should try in this situation?
4. Mrs Rebecca is a lower risk multiparous lady in her third pregnancy. During labour she experienced difficulty in delivery of the shoulders of the baby after the delivery of the fetal head. The midwife called for help, brought her to the edge of the table and positioned her thighs on her abdomen and tried axial traction. This led to the release of anterior shoulder and delivery of the baby. What is the success rate of the maneouvre performed by the midwife in this scenario?
5. Mrs. Sara, primigravida at term is in second stage of labour. After delivery of the foetal head, shoulder dystocia was diagnosed and the McRoberts manoeuvre has not caused the delivery of the shoulders. Which is the next method to be used?
6. Which of the following is an indication for elective caesarean section to prevent shoulder dystocia?
7. Which of the following is the best description of McRobert's manoeuvre to be told to the midwife when there is shoulder dystocia?



For a detailed explanation to the questions above, please read our article on Shoulder Dystocia for MRCOG.

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