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Shoulder Dystocia - Flash Cards - MRCOG Part 2

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Article last updated on 11/02/2021.

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Rationale for Flash Cards

Numbers and Percentages

The numbers and percentages are easily overlooked and are difficult to retain.  The only scientific way of retaining them is through spaced repetition. The best way to approach the content that demands spaced repetition is with flash cards.

At ImbibeMed@ImbibeMe – We do it all for you (Free!!!)

To help you, we aim to include the numbers and percentages below each article in a highlighted box.  Also, we aim to create module wise flash cards for you to flip – on – the – go.  Go to the respective modules (scroll down for the links) to access the flash cards of those modules or simply access it through the menu on top of this page.


Just tap over the flash cards to get the answer! Have fun studying!

Risk factors can predict what percentage cases of shoulder dystocia?

Ans. 16%.

Recurrence rate of shoulder dystocia with a previous shoulder dystocia?

Ans. 10 - fold.

Rate of shoulder dystocia in infants of diabetic mothers as compared to the infants of non - diabetic mothers?

Ans. 2 - 4 fold

What percentage of births complicated by shoulder dystocia occur with infants who weigh less than 4 kg?

Ans. 48%.

Delivery of posterior arm is associated with humeral fractures in what percentage of cases?

Ans. 2 - 12%.

Further Reading

Green Top Guideline No. 42 – Shoulder Dystocia

NICE Guideline – Diabetes

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