IM CARE Email Package Starter


This package includes 10 emails for your patients.  This product is the one of its kind to help you grow your hospital business through the digital marketing strategies.  Book an IMCare Email Package and grow your hospital brand.  Read the product description below to know more. Order a Free Designer  IMCARE Email Sample to know how you would get it when you order the package.


This package is meant for private medical practitioners.  This package includes 10 emails to your patients.  After you book the IMCARE Email Package, we get in touch with you and send you a simple form that you may fill and send back to us every time a patient leaves your consultation.  This form can be filled easily from your mobile device as well.  We only ask for the patient’s first name and the primary concern to be addressed.  (This way we make sure, we value and respect the confidentiality of your patients).  We then customise the email templates with your hospital logo and your patient’s first name and send them to you.  You may then send these personalised, custom designer emails to your patients and see your hospital brand grow.  Believe in us, it works!  If you don’t believe in us, try it out yourself!  Read more.

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