Privacy Policy

Hi friend,

Happy to see that you care for your privacy just like we do! For the international online community that we are, privacy rules are a challenge, since we don’t have global agreements on this.

In this policy, we will explain what we do with the personal data we collect, and how we secure your privacy to the extent of our abilities. Realize that if you follow us on social media such as Instagram or YouTube, they have their own policy on Data Protection that is beyond our reach. Our love for medicine and businesses includes cookies and in this policy, we will explain how we use the digital ones. 

Let’s start with the official privacy policy.

What personal data do we collect, why, for how long and on what legal grounds?

ImbibeMe community members

The ImbibeMe community consists of people all around the world joining in for healthcare education for professional upliftment and personal healthcare.  When you join our community by signing up for the newsletter, we ask;

– your name,

– your email address,

– we get to see your IP address when you sign up,

– and we get to see your social media account name and photo/avatar that you use on our socials

We might receive additional data that you send us voluntarily in a message through email, or contact form or on our socials. We don’t officially keep track of this data and we strongly advise you not to send personal medical information to us. We collect your data to welcome you as a ImbibeMe community member, and to send you occasional healthcare information. We do so because you asked us to do this when you signed up for the newsletter. The legal basis is permission, and you can step out of the community at any time by using the signing off link in our emails or emailing us the same.

We love receiving your emails, and most of the time we delete it directly after reading it. Sometimes we keep it for a few months to give us some time to respond or to memorize any ideas, requests that you ask us to add to the community.

Any response that you give on our social media channels will remain posted until you delete it yourself, or the channel decides to archive or delete your messages. When we decide that a response is compromising in any way, we are free to delete that response.

Affiliate links

In our posts, we show the products that are available in the market related to our subject of discussion.  We however, do not review any of the products ourselves and the links do not mean encouragement for you to buy those products.  The links in the blogs redirect you to the partners that are resellers of these products. When you click on the affiliate link in our posts and buy a product, the resellers give us a small commission for the recommendation. As an ImbibeMe community member, you financially support the ImbibeMe community with your new acquisition. The partner gets data from you as you sign up on their website. Through cookies, the ImbibeMe website gives the necessary information to the partner website that a member/visitor of ImbibeMe community used an affiliate link.

ImbibeMe Customers


When you buy an ImbibeMe product from the IM Store, such as an IM CardIMCARE email package and possibly in the future: E-courses, you become an ImbibeMe customer.  The legal basis then turns from permission to contractual agreement. 

When you order an IM Card, we collect your personal information such as Name, telephone number, Whatsapp number, email id, Business title or name you want the IM Card to be designed with, any subtitles, your profile photo that would be used to display on the IM Card, your business logo image, your social media handles which you would like to display on the IM Card, your post code and location details so that we may tag your business and include it in the IM Card and any other contact modes if you would like to use for your potential customers to contact you via the IM Card.  We also ask you about your preferences and interests.

From our customers, we also collect financial information such as credit or debit card number, and we keep track of your purchases. We need this to deliver your purchases. We will keep this information for our own administration which we are legally required to hold on to it for at least 1 year after purchase.  To make sure we meet our legal data protection and privacy obligations, we only hold on to your information for as long as we actually need it for the purposes we acquired it in first place.

In most cases, this means we will keep your information for as long as you continue to use our services, and for a reasonable period of time afterwards if you stop doing so, to see if we can persuade you to come back to us.  After that we will delete it other than where we lawfully can keep any data for audit or legal reasons.

We shall keep data on our prospect database for not longer than 3 years from receipt subject to an individual’s right to unsubscribe or be deleted at any time.

This information is used to :

Process payments and fraud prevention.

Respond to requests, including refunds and complaints.

Comply with any legal obligation, such as the calculation of taxes.

Improve the offers of our store.

send you marketing messages, if you choose to receive.

We may also use customer information for our legitimate interests. This means that we want to provide our customers and members the most optimal and personalized service possible by using marketing techniques.

ImbibeMe partners

ImbibeMe partners consist of affiliate link parties, sponsors, and collaborators.

From ImbibeMe partners we collect as much data as obliged for our administration and our legal and tax duties . This data consists of names, addresses, company info, contact info, social media account names and photos, bank account numbers, pictures, audio, or any other footage or data we receive or make during the assignments. We collect this data so you can help us expand, enrich, and make the ImbibeMe community livelier. Legally this is called a contractual agreement. We will keep your business files for at least two years after you stopped being a ImbibeMe Partner. The data that we need for our own tax administration will be kept for at least 2 years. The data and footage that is published within the ImbibeMe community or online will remain for as long as the community lives.

How we collect data?

We collect data in the following ways:

data is given to us by you; and

data is collected automatically, when you visit our site.

Data that is given to us by you

ImbibeMe will collect your personal data in a number of ways, for example:

When you contact us through the website, by telephone, post, email or through any other means;

When you make payments to us, through this website or otherwise;

When you elect to receive marketing communications from us;

in each case, in accordance with this privacy policy.

Data that is collected automatically

To the extent that you access the Website, we will collect your Data automatically, for example:

We automatically collect some information about your visit to the Website.  This information helps us to make improvements to Website content and navigation, and includes your IP address, the date, times and frequency with which you access the Website and the way you use and interact with its content.

We collect your Data automatically via cookies, in line with the cookie settings on your browser.  For more information about cookies, and how we use them on the Website, see the section below, headed ‘Cookies’. 

When you solve our ImbibeMed or IM healthy quizzes, we collect only your email address to keep you updated about the new quizzes that we post on our website.

Payments: –

We accept PayPal and Stripe payments.  During the processing of payments, certain data will be transmitted to these services, including the mandatory information at the execution of the payment, such as the total amount or billing information.

Once you leave our store’s site or are redirected to a third party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy or our site’s Terms of Service.

Please refer to the individual service provider Privacy Policy for details regarding how they use and disclose your credit card details and any other personal information they collect.

Who has access to your information?

Our ImbibeMe team members have access to data that we collect. We will not sell your personal information to third parties. We do not use your data for profiling.  At ImbibeMe database, Imbibeme only permits your details to be accessed by authorised personnel.

We use social media channels to provide community info. Mainly YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. In order to see our social media on these channels, you have to accept their privacy policy. These channels collect a lot of your personal data on their behalf. Note that we are not responsible for such services. These channels do not return personal data to us.

Other third parties

We are also obliged to share customer information with government authorities in the case of suspicious situations.

Where do we save your personal data?

We save your information in several databases, and we always use strict safety measures.  We treat website and credit card security seriously and endeavour to provide a secure, safe platform through which to conduct transactions.  


Now… how about cookies?

We would like to serve you with our cookie menu below.

We can’t live without cookies, so we obviously collect functional cookies. These cookies help us to give you the best ImbibeMe experience; such as monitoring whether you view our content on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, so we can display the website properly. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these functional cookies.

We also favour analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics and these cookies help us to figure out what our ImbibeMe community desires the most at a certain moment. This helps us to pitch new ideas when the community is waiting for it. We do not collect your individual data for our Analytics. We collect anonymized data such as your region, and how long you have visited the website. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these cookies.

We told you about the use of affiliate links in this privacy statement. The affiliate links use tracking cookies.  If you don’t use the affiliate links, we do not place any tracking cookies.

We honour Do Not Track (DNT) signals and do not track, plant cookies, or use advertising when a DNT browser mechanism is in place.


If you’d rather not have any cookies at all, be sure to arrange this yourself within your browser settings. You can turn off our cookies and JavaScript. How to turn off or delete cookies is explained by your browser. As a service, we provide you the hyperlinks to every browser we know: ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerEdgeSafari (iOS)Safari (macOS).




If you have questions or suggestions after reading this, please send us an email, with the subject PRIVACY, so we can get back to you soon.


This privacy policy was last edited on the 02 of April, 2021.

With love and gratitude, always,

Team ImbibeMe.