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PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome - SBAs and EMQs - MRCOG Part 2 Pattern

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Article last updated on 15/03/2021.

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SBA s (Single Best Answer Type Questions)

Welcome to PCOS & Metabolic Syndrome - SBA  Quiz.  All the best!

1. E-Mail address
2. What is the prevalence of PCOS in women of reproductive age group?
3. What is the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women with PCOS?
4. The risk of diabetes type II is increased in metabolic syndrome by how many times?
5. What is the risk of developing Obstructive sleep apnea in women with metabolic syndrome as compared to the other women?
6. How frequently should you measure BP to screen a woman for metabolic syndrome if the woman has PCOS and a BMI of 28 kg/m2?
7. A woman presents with irregular menses. On investigations, she has been diagnosed with PCOS. You would like to give her lifestyle modification advice. What will you recommend her regarding daily exercise routine?



For a detailed explanation to the questions above, please read our article on PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome for MRCOG.

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