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Heartiest congratulations for success in the MRCOG Part 1 exam.  A few more steps to the Membership of the prestigious RCOG!

After MRCOG Part 1, it may be overwhelming to think about MRCOG Part 2. 

It usually takes some time to understand and kick start reading for MRCOG Part 2, after MRCOG Part 1.  This is partly because of inadequate guidance as to what to read for the exam. It is also because of learning about failure of others around us in the exam.


How to pass MRCOG Part 2

There is only one way to pass MRCOG Part 2 exam, i.e., Read the Guidelines, Practice SBAs and EMQs and remember the numbers/percentages.

But this is only a short answer.  Read along to know more.

What to read for MRCOG Part 2?

The answer is guidelines – the NICE guidelines and the Green Top Guidelines. 

But there is a long answer to this as well.  Here is the reading list for MRCOG Part 2.

On the top of the reading list are the guidelines –

NICE – Guidelines by the NICE cover topics across different specialities.  For MRCOG Part 2 exam, you are expected to know the Obstetrics and Gynaecology related topics from the NICE guidelines.  There are 15 guidelines as on date by the NICE on Obstetrics and Gynaecology related topics.

Green Top Guidelines (GTG) – The GTG are issued by the RCOG on a regular basis.  It is important to know all of them, including the ones issued just before the exam.  As on date, this number is 48.

FSRH Guidelines – These are guidelines about the Sexual and Reproductive Health.  So broadly these cover contraception and family planning related topics.  As on date, there are 17 FSRH guidelines to read for MRCOG Part 2 exam.

BASHH Guidelines – These guidelines cover topics related to Sexually Transmitted Illness along with HIV.  As on date, these guidelines are 18 in number.

TOG articles – It is important to read the review articles published in the ‘The Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ Journal in the last 5 years.   Other than this, there are few important ones which were published in the previous years, from which questions appear even till present date.

Clinical Governance Papers – RCOG website also hosts the Clinical Governance Papers – Consent Advice, Good Practice Papers and Scientific Impact Papers which complete the reading list.  There are around 30 Good practice papers and 10 Scientific Impact Papers.

Numbers and Percentages

A widely discussed topic after every exam is the inclusion of the percentages and numerical in the exam.  These are part of all the reading material that you may go through.  But being subtle sentences in the reading material, it is easy to overlook them.  Even if you happen to not overlook them, they are difficult to retain.  The only scientific way of retaining them is through spaced repetition and the best way to approach content that demands spaced repetition is with flash cards.


At ImbibeMed@ImbibeMe – We do it all for you (Free!!!)

To help you, we aim to include the numbers and percentages below each article in a highlighted box.  Also, we aim to create module wise flash cards for you to flip – on – the – go.  Go to the respective modules (scroll down for the links) to access the flash cards of those modules or simply access it through the menu on top of this page.  Save the flash cards like an app on your phone and flip – on – the – go!

SBA s and EMQ s

It is vital to practice the SBA s and EMQ s after you read each topic and take a mock exam at least monthly when you prepare for the Part 2 exam.  The mock exams give you a good idea about the topics that you need to brush up before the exam.

Because we at ImbibeMed@ImbibeMe are committed to the ‘education for all’ purpose, we provide you SBAs and EMQs with each topic for practice.  All this for free!!!  Please utilise all our quality resources in the best possible way for great results. 

Guidelines and Article Summaries:-

We highly recommend reading the guidelines and articles at least once.  But if you are not able to do that, because of your busy routine or maybe you are reading the articles and guidelines, but are not able to take notes, in that situation we recommend you read the summaries of the guidelines and articles on our website.  


We at ImbibeMed@ImbibeMe pride ourselves due to our passion for Medicine.  This passion helps us thoroughly read about the topics and search for the ‘Why’ behind the facts.  We urge you to go through the videos on our youtube channel to better grasp the concepts and remember the guidelines.  This will help you remember naturally due to ‘Imbibing’ the facts rather than just memorising them.  Then we would consider our effort successful!  So, don’t just learn, ImbibeMed!

Syllabus for MRCOG Part 2 Exam

For a detailed syllabus, please go to our Syllabus Compilation for MRCOG Part 2 Page.

We have compiled the entire syllabus module wise and each module page has the list of topics included in the module along with the links to all the relevant material including our guidelines’ summaries, SBAs and EMQs and flash cards.  Videos can be found on the guidelines’ summaries pages in their respective modules or on our youtube channel.

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