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Domestic Violence - Flash Cards - MRCOG Part 2

ImbibeMe / ImbibeMed / Module 2 – Antenatal Care/ Domestic Violence – Flash Cards

Article last updated on 26/02/2021.

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Rationale for Flash Cards

Numbers and Percentages

The numbers and percentages are easily overlooked and are difficult to retain.  The only scientific way of retaining them is through spaced repetition. The best way to approach the content that demands spaced repetition is with flash cards.  So we have created these module wise flash cards for you to flip – on – the – go.

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Just tap over the flash cards to get the answer! Have fun studying!

Percentage of women that present as victims of domestic violence in pregnancy?

Ans. 30%.

Percentage of women that report having some form of domestic violence per year.

Ans. 7.1%.

Majority (85%) victims of domestic violence will see how many professionals before they receive effective support.

Ans. 5.

Percentage of cases of domestic violence that start or escalate in pregnancy.

Ans. 30% (1/3rd cases).

Domestic violence accounts for what percentage of foetal mortality among affected pregnancies?

Ans. 1.6% (16 per 1000).

Percentage of men which reported having experienced at least one form of domestic violence.

Ans. 16.3%.

The Department of Health estimates that women experience how many episodes of domestic violence before seeking help?

Ans. 35.

What is the incidence of domestic violence during pregnancy?

Ans. 4 - 12%.

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