About Us - The ImbibeMe Family

ImbibeMe Family is a family of Doctors.  Doctors who are not limited to medicine!

We are doctors of the digital generation!!!

N we value the changing trends.

At ImbibeMe, we aim to bring to you valuable content related to medicine, may it be for doctors or patients.  We aim to develop resources for the exams that we have appeared for along our journey and are still appearing as we move along.

Alongwith this, we aim to bring to the society some unique digital marketing options for medicos and hospitals.

As you would agree medicine is not limited to the knowledge of the medical subjects that we learn from textbooks.  Practicing medicine requires good communication skills, teaching skills to train the future generations of doctors and legal acumen to practice safely.

Our ‘IM CARE’ section is dedicated to Communication Skills in Doctor – Patient Relationship.

‘ImbibeMed’ is a resource for Doctors, on their journey through multiple exams and also includes the theoretical aspects of medical education.

‘IM Healthy’ is a resource for patients and non – medicos who would like to understand medicine in simple language without medical jargons.

IM Card is developed as many doctors neither have a website nor time to maintain if they have one, but certainly each doctor deserves one!

The only challenge is to squeeze in this vision flavoured with our experience in our clinical routines so that we make a difference to you.

If you have any innovative ideas to help us make a difference, do write to us.  We would love to hear from you.

Till we meet again in this virtual world, Bye!